Writings from the Heart

Keep On Going

I wrapped up my second year as a head cheer coach about a month ago. Last year, I ended the season thinking my next season would be so great, because I'd have different rules and more experience. Boy, was I wrong. It was a long, very stressful and frustrating season. I dealt with injuries, attitude,… Continue reading Keep On Going

Writings from the Heart


My soul is crushed. My heart is heavy. I don’t think there are any more tears left to cry, but still they flow. I want to be free. I need these burdens lifted. I just want to breathe. But I’d rather sit with my mouth shut. I’d rather wallow in the hurt. I choose to… Continue reading Release

Christian Living

When the Label Becomes the Lifestyle

Has anyone ever called you a Christian, as if the word rolling off their tongue was a bad word? Has anyone ever given you "the look" when you tell them that you're a Christian (you know, the one where their eyes are puzzled, their eyebrow is raised, and their lips are pressed together and the… Continue reading When the Label Becomes the Lifestyle