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His Reckless Love (Guest Post)

Readers, I am so excited for you to read this post by my dear friend Alyssa. Alyssa is a junior in high school, completely in love with Jesus. She is so wise and has such a gentle spirit, while unafraid to be real and speak the truth. So, without further delay, here is Alyssa’s post:

After scrolling through my Instagram feed I’m sitting in my room asking God, “Why?” Why do I get so frustrated when people know who God is, but still choose the ways of this world? I ask God “Do they not recognize? Do they not care enough? Do they not believe?”….. I’m frustrated because I want to see them prosper. I want to see them pursue the things that God has to offer. I’m tired of seeing them be taken down by the world. I don’t want to see them struggle, but time after time I see them forget everything that they ever knew about Christ. They abandon him over and over again. “Why Jesus? Aren’t you angry? Don’t you feel the pain that I feel?” I felt like I had continuously been fooled by this two-faced world. I was hurt that they simply would not change. I felt rejected. I felt disappointed. I was utterly concerned for their well-being, but at the same time I was just so angry. I loved them, I truly did, but they hurt me. “Did they even know I was here? Do they even see my pain? Do they even know that I care?” Do they even desire to change?

Still sitting in my pain, I hopped on to social media once more. I looked at a recent story I had posted a while back. A tear streamed down my eye. This was such an eye-opening moment for me. God heard my cry. The story said:

“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether they are worthy.”

This entire time I had ceased loving my friends and instead chose to judge them. I would simply not like a post by a Christian friend of mine because I thought their caption was too “ungodly”. Yet I would like a picture of my worldly friend who put the same exact caption. And that’s just not fair. It’s God’s job to judge, not mine. I was called to love my friends without stopping to see if they are worthy of my love.

So many times I sing the song “Reckless Love” not knowing what it truly means to love recklessly. God gave me this profound yet simple realization. Do you remember all that hurt and pain I was feeling? Did you really understand how upset I was in the beginning of all of this? Well, here is where the tears really started coming; God opened my eyes to see that I have caused him all that hurt and more, countless times. I’ve betrayed him for the ways of this world many times. Can you imagine how frustrated he has been with me when I keep rejecting him? Everything I felt about my friends God probably felt all of that and more. Yet he wasn’t frustrated; he was so merciful and loving. In that moment I felt so convicted, yet so loved and grateful for the reckless love of God.

“God is utterly unconcerned with the consequences of his actions with regards to his own safety, comfort, and well-being. His loved isn’t crafty or slick. It’s not cunning or shrewd. In fact, all things considered, it’s quite childlike, and might I even suggest, sometimes down right ridiculous. His love bankrupted heaven for you and me. His love doesn’t consider himself first. His love isn’t selfish or self-serving. He doesn’t wonder what he’ll gain or lose by putting himself out there. He simply gives himself away on the off-chance that one of us might look back at him and offer ourselves in return.”
-Cory Asbury  

In this little moment God has taught me to love my friends and to lift them up in prayer if I ever feel anger towards them. He taught me to trust that they are in his hands. I earnestly seek his love in my relationships with them, and I’m reminded of how gracious he has been to me when I don’t deserve it. Because of his mercy I’m saved… and I need to share what he has done to me with my friends. He has calmed those feelings of frustration toward my friends and replaced them with his love for them. All I need to do is love, and he will do the rest.

Yours truly,

Alyssa Marie

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