Writings from the Heart


My soul is crushed.
My heart is heavy.
I don’t think there are any more tears left to cry, but still they flow.

I want to be free.
I need these burdens lifted.
I just want to breathe.

But I’d rather sit with my mouth shut.
I’d rather wallow in the hurt.
I choose to find comfort in the tears.

“Talk to me, daughter,” He says.
But still I only say a few words.
I sing His words but I don’t listen.
I just sit. Quiet and burdened by feelings.

Until I intend to release the hurt.
Until I take a step.
Until I realize that deliverance doesn’t require feelings, but a decision.
Until then I will stay in the valley.

“Talk to me, daughter,” He says again.
I open my mouth and breathe in His grace.
“Ok, God,” I say.
It’s time to release.

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