Writings from the Heart

He Sees Me

I’m longing for someone to see me. To see my value beyond my titles and successes. To see that I too am human.

I long for someone to think of my feelings, instead of assuming. To think that maybe I’m the one who needs a friend, or a shoulder to cry on.

I long for someone to listen to me when I share my problems, instead of nodding their head in dismissal because they don’t believe someone like me, someone who didn’t live their same cookie cutter life, could have real problems.

I long for this. For this person, who I can see and touch. For the person that will see me for who I am.

But this desire to be seen blinds me from the person who does see me. God. He sees me, and if only I opened my eyes and believed His words, I wouldn’t have this deep desire to be seen. How could I desire something I already have?

God knows my value, beyond titles and successes, because He’s the one who placed value on my life.

He knows my feelings. My true feelings, because He looks at my heart.

He knows I have problems. He told me to give them to Him, because He cares for me.

So if I would only let God freely move inside of me- inside of the hurt, frustration, and loneliness- I wouldn’t be discouraged.

He sees me, I’ll tell myself. He sees me, He knows me, and He wants me.

Everyday I will tell myself.

2 thoughts on “He Sees Me”

  1. This writing is so deep thoughtful and relatable! I can see your heart and your emotions are so raw it’s comforting. I love how you can see yourself through the fathers eyes towards the end. “He sees me, He knows me, He wants me” I love it!

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