Writings from the Heart

Chosen by God

I am a woman chosen by God.

I was knit together, piece by piece, with care and intent.

I am purposed for this generation.

I am purposed for this country and even for this community.

Every step I take and will ever take has already been covered.

He breathes breaths of grace and I am covered.

I am to remain under the umbrella of His presence.

To make every move in obedience, because I am a woman of God.

I was created to be graceful.

To be gentle, kind, and compassionate.

He made my smile radiant.

He made my eyes gentle.

He made my hands soft.

These would be vain, but with His loving hands He fashioned my heart.

My heart reflects Him.

He resides in my heart.

And every part of me is to be used by Him.

My words are filled with His power.

My actions are guided by His Spirit.

I live not for too high of standards, but knowing that I am called to a higher standard, and through Him I am able.

I live not for an unattainable goal, but knowing I will cross into eternity with Him.

My value has already been determined.

My worth is infinite in Him.

The words of the world do not move me.

I am rooted in His promises.

I am a woman chosen by God.

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