Writings from the Heart

A Heart of Worship

I don’t want it to be
Just another melody  
Another song of emptiness 
Another selfish plea 

Words as sweet as honey
But only to my ears 
A song of adoration 
But to whom? I can’t be clear 

Purposed for worship 
I turn it in fame 
I bring glory
But to the wrong name 

This was meant for You
To be sanctified and true 
But I am the barrier
Between the world and You

So clean my heart 
Take away my pride 
Purify my motives 
I’ll set myself aside 

I want to seek Your face 
Come fill this empty space 
Take these empty words 
And fill them with Your grace

I’ll purpose to pray
To do it Your way
And as I sit at Your feet
Lord, let my worship be sweet

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