Christian Living

Beauty from Ashes

I looked him in the eyes and gave him a somber smile. It was time for him to go. In just a few short hours, his life would change. I felt the anxiety from across the room. He grimly waved, turned around, and walked out of the door. I knew he’d walk into that room with eyes of hatred glaring at him. He was reaping the after effects of a fire he had unintentionally set. He, along with everyone else burned by the fire, was walking through the ashes.

That was the reality of the situation. It was the epitome of ashes- grief and heartache- at the hands of this man. Lives were turned upside down. Hope was lost. Hearts filled with hate. They’d be, understandably, hoping for his condemnation, but I’d be praying for him all morning.

That morning, before I walked into the house, I prayed. Thank You for Your mercy and grace. Thank You for Your love. Let it be real in his life. I pray he’ll see You in me. I had been praying a similar prayer for the last two and a half years, believing God to redeem and restore this man- that is the reality of Jesus.

Jesus died for whosoever believes in Him. That means this man, who many think is a monster, can be forgiven. Through Jesus, anyone can be forgiven. Redeemed. Restored.

God can take this situation, and any situation, and use it for His purpose. What he did is not outside of God’s redeeming and restoring power. Anything we do is not outside of that power. Our actions are not greater than His purpose.

Forgiveness is real.

Redemption is real.

Restoration is real.

God will take the ashes and give us beauty. That’s what He does.

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