Christian Living


When someone has done you wrong and hurt you- made you feel like your heart is anchored down, and you cry or you’re filled with rage- you don’t even want to look at this person because you’re so disgusted. But you have to look at them and you have to talk to them and even work with them. It’s hard because you do not want to.

You might think this person is the most ugly person in the world and you wouldn’t care less if you never saw them again. You try to push away the hate, because it’s not godly, but no matter how hard you try, the hate creeps in. But you have to keep pushing it away.

Even though they hurt you you’re trying to move on from it. You’re constantly telling yourself to love on them. You’re trying to smile. It’s a constant battle, forgiveness, and the hurt won’t go away over night. The anger won’t either.

But you can choose not to act on the hurt or anger. It hurts and it’s hard, but forgiveness is worth it. Choose to act with grace. It’s much lighter on your heart than pain.  You can give it to God and you can say hello, even smile, without the anchoring pain.


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