Writings from the Heart

I’m Waiting for You

God told me to wait for you, so I am.
I’m waiting for the day our eyes meet and my heart leaps.
Though I feel lonely and I long for it, I’m waiting for you.
Some days are hard and some days are easy waiting for you.
But I am.
I’m saving all of me for you.
Every part of me- my hands, my lips, my heart- is waiting for you.
I’ll meet other people during this wait, but with every word I speak, and every smile I smile, and every thing my eyes see, you’re still there, and I’m still waiting for you.
I won’t allow any more pieces of my heart to be broken off, because I want to give you as much of me as I can offer.
I am yours, and you are mine.
Until we meet…
I’m waiting for you.

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