Christian Living

Great is His Faithfulness

I’m not kidding when I tell you that in the past month or so, one thing after another has happened to me. It hasn’t only been little things, like losing a pair of shoes or twenty dollars, it’s been big hardship after big hardship. I’ve felt every type of negative emotion – sorry, confused, hurt, anger, and betrayal. I’ve been on the other side of pain, I’ve parted ways with people who were very close to me, and I was falsely accused of slander by a family member whom I deeply care about.

It’s been five steps forward and ten steps back with every hardship that has been thrown at me. I’ve started climbing toward the mountaintop, but I’ve been pushed back to the valley. I can’t see the light at the end of this seemingly long and dark tunnel, because it has too many twists and turns.

But I can still see the mountaintop.

Though I feel like I’m walking through sand on the bottom of the lowest valley, my eyes are on the mountaintop, because through all of this, I’ve seen God’s faithfulness like I’ve never seen it before.Throughout all of these situations, God has answered prayer after prayer, brought unbelievers to believing, poured out His love, and worked in His mysterious ways.

When I think I see the light, but it ends up being another turn, I look up, because that’s where my help comes from. I give my cares to the Lord, because He cares for me. He knows the plans He has for me, and He is faithful. God is a God of mercy, love, forgiveness, grace, compassion, peace, and comfort, and great is His faithfulness.


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