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SOAP Notes for Youth Bible Study

I have the privilege of teaching our Wednesday youth Bible study once a month, and I absolutely love it! I have a huge heart for teenagers, and I want to help them with their Christian walk as much as I can. However, I run out of ideas to keep lessons fun and creative, and I am a strong believer that teenagers NEED fun and creative. I totally geeked out when I saw SOAP notes for Bible study (mostly because I’ve done SOAP notes for case studies the past 3 years in school and I love this note taking method).

SOAP in this case stands for Scripture – what you read, Observations – what you noticed, Application – how you can apply this to your life, and Prayer- your personal prayer. I picked 6 Bible stories: Abraham and Isaac, The Fiery Furnace, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, David and Goliath, The Prodigal Son, and Walking on Water and assigned a story to groups of 3-4 teens (Note: The teens in my youth group love to work together, so I try to create lessons that involve group work). I gave them 15 minutes to read their stories and fill out their worksheets, then we went from group to group so they could share with the rest of us.

Here’s an example of one group’s SOAP notes.


OBSERVATION- Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego stood up for God. King Nebuchadnezzar got mad and sent them into the fiery furnace. They trusted God to protect them and God protected them.

APPLICATION- I need stand up for God’s word, especially nowadays. God will protect me.

PRAYER- My prayer is that I will stand up for God, even when it’s hard and when no one else is doing it.

I enjoyed hearing what each group came up with. Youth can teach us a lot- we have to give them a chance. They love the chance to share what they know.

SOAP notes are a great way to take clear notes for whatever scripture you read. I encourage you to give it a shot, and see what you learn!

Be blessed!

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